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                            PRODUCT AND SEASON CHART


   Flower farming is not consistent from year to year because of variables in rain, temperature and sunshine.  Even though this chart is approximate, it should help you plan your flower purchases.  If you have questions about a current or coming crop, please contact us.  It's always best to enquire early about a crop you are considering.  We frequently sell out.  



Dec Jan Feb Mar April May June July
Lilies               mid-Oct through November

Greenhouse Daffodils


Field Daffodils


Greenhouse Tulips


Field Tulips


Field Rhubarb

              Through September




Field Iris

            Through mid June  


12-inch basket



12 inch  basket


Ivy Geraniums- 12 inch basket


Supertunias 12-inch basket


Zonal Geraniums-4" & 6"